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About Us

A home like no other.

Each and every piece of our furniture is lovingly hand-crafted from teak or mahogany in the villages of Java, and possesses unmatchable quality.
Singapore Office:
10, Kaki Bukit Avenue1, #01-04, Singapore 417942
+65 86068245

India Office:
G123 Annanagar, Chennai
+91 9677554476

Quality measured in generations

Even a single chair can take as long as 3 months to craft. But it doesn’t end there. Stringent quality control checks ensure that only the finest furniture makes it to you.

Supporting local industries

We are strong adherents of fair trade practices. All of our furniture and home décor is crafted in nigh inaccessible villages of Java, helping keep fading traditions and craftsmanship alive.

Teak, the Artisan’s wood

Java is one of the world’s last remaining sources of teak wood, which is much sought-after in the furniture trade due to its inherent termite-resistant qualities.

Our Exclusive Collection

We take custom orders. Please feel free to get in touch for more information.

We will hand-craft furniture just for you.

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